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Ten Reasons to join our PTA

  1. Find out what your kid has done at school before they even get home - good or bad.
  2. Spend time now at your kid's school while they're still proud to be seen with you. They will pointedly ignore you soon enough.
  3. Joining is a limited time offer - 5th Grade will arrive soon enough. If you don't act now the opportunity will be lost forever.
  4. PTA meetings offer free childcare, most times in the gym. Your kids will be exhausted and ready for bed by the time the meeting is over.
  5. Instead of your child, you'll be the one who can't wait for Family Fun Nights as a chance to visit with friends.
  6. Kids love it when you show up at school, because they know something cool is about to happen.
  7. You will obtain the right to vote which then and only then will give you the right to complain.
  8. Have a say in what fundraisers you're forced to participate in and what products you have to sell at work and hound your in-laws for money for.
  9. Take a position, then recruit and delegate, and eventually work yourself out of said position.
  10. PTA has been around since 1897, more than 100 years. Not many organizations last this long, so it must be doing something right.

Of course, we do recognize that we're biased, but we can acknowledge that PTA is not for everyone ...

Ten Reasons NOT to join PTA

  1. Yearbooks don't mean that much to kids; no one treasures them for very long.
  2. Halloween is complete without a carnival, and no one enjoys the haunted house anyway.
  3. Art isn't that important in classrooms.
  4. Teachers make enough money and they don't need to be reimbursed for the hundreds of out-of-pocket dollars they spend on our kids.
  5. The library is just fine with its set of 1967 encyclopedias.
  6. You're perfectly happy that the seesaw on your kid's playground is the original 1975 wooden model complete with splinters and latex paint.
  7. You believe that the music department is sufficient. What more do children need than sticks, triangles and a pair of maracas?
  8. You already know every parent in your child's class and have never stood around awkwardly at class parties.
  9. You're satisfied with public school education and can't think of a single thing that could be improved upon.
  10. You're on a first name basis with all the teachers including the principal, and they all recognize what a creative genius your child is.

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